Sunday, 6 July 2014

Boredom does wanders!!!
It all started one normal Tuesday afternoon
when I had been left alone at home by my mom and siblings.
so what can one who has a Nikon do when they're bored on a Tuesday afternoon?
Take Pictures!!!
Likely, my cousins came over so I thought to myself "hey, let me
use them as my models"
And so I did
We spent that whole afternoon taking pictures of reflections and trying to
capture jumps
Lots of love for family


 Oh look
There's Two of her!!!




hard to work with
Busy arguing when they should be smiling at the camera!!!
but hey ,guess it worked for this picture.

Try to see if you look the same in your reflection when you smiling,lol


These Pictures below got to be my favourite set of reflection
Because of the sky and the trees from the neighbouring house,
the people in the pictures(AKA my cousins),
look as if they've been transported to another place
like Alaska!!!

Snowing or What?
get my drift?
Since hearts are the most traditional subject matter
I've also decided to do reflections on them.
I was kind of disappointed the reflections weren't a complete replica
of the other half of the hand, but I still enjoyed taking these pictures.




I thought the fingers in this picture looked like swans
but apparently, according to my sister's friend, They look like rabbits!!!


So now the fun part of the afternoon!!
my cousins did over a hundred jumps
let me just let you know, posing in the air is one thing
But capturing the jump is another thing.
"The secret of flight is this-you have to do it
immediately before your body realises it's defying the Laws'



There goes the head

' You have to rise up high
to make the world realise
you're an entity that is not bound by any limits'
"Them haters got nothing on us"
"Nigga please''

Let today be the day you say "You know what?
You only live once."
I'm going for it!!
(even though it may look scary)
Man Over board!!
 There aynt no help
It's everyman for himself1


Looks like he's on a mission
Got one of those cool pictures
Taken by moi

"Dare to dream
Dare to fly
Dare to be the ever chosen one to touch the sky..." 


Pictures taken during the first day of my holidays
When you have a camera, you really don't get bored that often.
and the perfect place to go for random shots is your garden
try new angles and shots!!
Capture the beauty nature beholds ;)
The picture may not always be perfect
but that's what makes this picture different from the others.
that and the bizarre content.


It's really not recommended to take pictures during midday
as the subjects look over exposed as seen above.
But sometimes, you may get lucky and it might work out for you.

I really love this picture
the leaves fade into yellow than pink!!
making them standout from the rest.
Pretty leaves

 Them pretty leaves again
 "Be a rose who gives fragrance even to those who crush it"
Just came across these old shots of roses I took a while ago
with my blackberry. Thought I should point out that
you don't always need a fancy camera to take good pictures!!!


The sky served as a good background for these pictures
blah lol

"You can complain because roses have thorns
 or you can rejoice because Thorns have roses"
So always keep your head up during them tough times
because something good always comes out of it