Friday, 21 March 2014

For the love of black and white
Picture taken by one of my photography buddies
in one of the sessions

Must be one of my favourites pictures.
2014 Gala


Powder works well for black and white pictures
Bro's matriculation
African families

The benefits of achievement

 Cute picture
cousin also motivated to also put powder on my brother
Like father like son
Proud sister

Taken during my birthday weekend
The things you do when you bored...

Patterns and repititions

Black and white version of the marshmallow flower

You meet the sweetest people unexpectedly
Don't forget to always share a smile
You can make someone's day

Gala 2014
If you weren't there you missed our own version of Wakaberry
such a success

Bro and sis
You always have hard choices to make in life
like choosing what to have on a popular restaurant's menu

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